Agency of Investigations

SKP is the best agency of investigations

SKP Global Intelligence, the best agency of investigations, successfully investigates marital infidelity and corporate investigations.

SKP Global Intelligence is a new and unique partner for advanced security, investigation and corporate intelligence services for companies and individuals who need specialized assistance in sensitive and/or critical activities.

SKP Global Intelligence proposes a package of solutions ranging from personal security, security of partners, collaborators, assets, property and infrastructures, in Italy and abroad, to the collection of information in the context of exploratory investigations, be they defensive, civil, corporate or insurance-related, but also linked to unconventional marketing activities and research projects.

For this reason, SKP Global Intelligence represents an economic factor protecting its clients in many respects, as it can multiply company value and guide it with discretion and professionalism during all critical moments, be they operational, judicial or financial. 

SKP Global Intelligence is part of the SKP Group, which incorporates different business units, each with specific technical expertise to create a provider capable of carrying out the entire range of services in the realm of security and private investigations. This enables SKP to become Single Provider for clients with a multifaceted character, which is typical of medium-sized or large businesses, multinationals as well as public figures.

Security management can go as far as setting up real management engineering infrastructures specifically oriented towards the security sector and the legal and economic protection of personal and business assets.

SKP Global Intelligence represents within the SKP Group the Group’s projection onto foreign markets, also through consolidated partnerships with some global security giants, key players among Private Security Companies (PSC) such as G4S, CONSTELLIS and JANUS GLOBAL OPERATIONS, with which SKP Global Intelligence maintains a mutual exchange of skills.

SKP G.I. therefore offers not only Intelligence and Investigation services but also Supervision, Technology, Luxury, Consulting and Training.

What makes SKP G.I. stand out from its competitors is its innovative operative methodology resulting from a mix of theory and practice in constant evolution, under the supervision of a Scientific Committee composed of some of the most outstanding figures from the academic world and the armed forces, institutional security and from Italian and foreign intelligence services.

The main distinctive features of SKP Global Intelligence derive in particular from the following aspects:

  • scientific method

    All operational phases (conceptual, organizational and executive) are the result of a scientific approach to data research and the evaluation of inferences before the technical execution of the activity. The most advanced research methodologies are used, which consist of niche technical tools for the activities of Risk Assessment, communication and negotiation - such as the evaluation of "Functional Indexes" in relation to "Area" indexes, Critical Discourse Analysis or the typical characterizations of the enneagram.

  • Highly qualified staff

    Highly qualified staff from the world of Intelligence and Special Forces. This allows direct knowledge of the areas of action and of out-of-area dynamics, high technical competence of specific action protocols and a network of relationships, contacts and trusted sources - but also institutional, national, foreign and collateral sources - of very high value in social, diplomatic, military and police fields.

  • Lateral thinking & the “Italian Factor”

    Our flexibility of thinking and action stems from the natural propensity of Italian people to mental elasticity, with a speed of adaptation to novel thinking and reaction to unexpected contingencies that few other peoples can boast. This attitude derives from the age-old history of a society based on a common identity which is open to otherness, which allows the knowledge of a territory to be nourished also through information coming from informal local circles that can make a difference and open relational routes alternative to those codified and institutional.

Our Values

SKP Global Intelligence is the only company on the Italian market to offer its services by combining mathematical logic with human interaction, favouring a synergistic cooperation between intuition and scientific method.

This type of services have until now found their reference points in large foreign private security groups organized according to a purely military and often muscular mentality, a perspective that has nothing to do with lateral thinking as theorized by Maltese psychologist Edward De Bono.

The latter is precisely the vision of SKP Global Intelligence: we face problems through observation from different angles, not only following sequential logic, which tends to focus on the problem, but testing all alternative points of view in the search for a solution (hence the term “lateral”).

It is an approach to problems that derives from anthropological elements acquired over centuries of exchanges between peoples who have seen our peninsula as a crossroads in the Mediterranean and the absolute protagonist of its dynamics.

These elements shaped our character over the course of centuries and they are finally appreciated today as levers through which to transform Italianness and the Italian way into a real “Italian Factor”, an element with a strong business reverberation, capable of transforming a psychological vocation and a cultural attitude into a multiplication factor for the value of our activities and our businesses. A vision with a highly cross-cultural imprinting that plays a key role in a global scenario of change.

Our Method

The working method of SKP Global Intelligence builds on the awareness that self-presence and a deep understanding of what surrounds us are perhaps the only keys to personal and business security in new contexts, be they geographical, economic or social.

No security measures can be put in place, no investigation can be developed, no service can be provided without accurate knowledge of the contexts to be addressed. From this assumption derives the importance of collecting information, of which the most valuable and qualitatively relevant is information drawn from an environment as close as possible to the issues and scenarios being explored.

This competence requires a method with tested rules and paradigms, borrowed specifically from "Humint" methodologies (“Humint” is acronym used by the military to describe the concept of Human Intelligence, i.e. the collection of information through human sources and resources) and applied social sciences.

The activities that are constantly being put in place by SKP Global Intelligence are characterized by a strong multidisciplinary approach and combined research, ranging from a qualitative to a quantitative approach and from the intrusive to the non-intrusive, where the data is always validated thanks to a local source, if possible contiguous and sometimes internal, the result of a capillary network of relationships that makes us unique in our field.

In this way the acquisition of crucial information for the development of an investigation, in-depth analysis of specific data or the protection of an interest, also through a natural inclination to empathy, communication and closeness, a condensed Italian potential: a mix of intelligence, creativity, taste, technical and artisanal skills which, following the traditional notion of genius loci, the prevailing character of a place or community, we call "Italian Factor".

With this in mind, a unique and innovative operating protocol has been developed that allows us to carry out risk assessment activities with a high predictive gradient, or R.A.F.I. (Risk Assessment Functional Index).

It is a protocol for risk assessment conceived by SKP Global Intelligence, based on a matrix that combines area indexes (such as geography, history, culture, economy, etc.) of a given area with the functional indexes present therein (such as the tribalism index).

A central role in the aforementioned matrix has been assumed today by the tribalism index, which was conceived, developed and codified by Prof. David Jacobson, a world-renowned sociologist, father of the theories of post-nationalism and president of the active scientific committee at SKP Global Intelligence.

This functional index has been the subject of a long phase of experimentation and testing in the United States, both academic and institutional (as part of activities to combat terrorism and violent crime), during which it showed a predictive ability for violent phenomena of a religious nature as high as 68%.