Single Provider

As Safety is a holistic concept comprising many subsets that must be integrated in an organic way, SKP Global Intelligence stands as a single point of reference for any need in the field of Security.

We offer ourselves as one single partner for clients to always have a complete overview of every situation and to effectively coordinate each component ensuring a harmonious integration within the complex environment of corporate security systems.

A single point of reference for any need that may arise in the fields of Security and Intelligence: from investigations to risk management, from supervision to physical security, from commercial intelligence activities to tailored training, in Italy and abroad.

Ours is a mission that will respond in particular to the needs of the most sophisticated clients with interests and assets on a global scale, such as medium-sized or large and multinational companies but also public figures and companies with commercial outlets in different world markets.

A concrete result is possible thanks to the synergistic intervention of all the companies that form the SKP Group, whose expertise has built and refined itself over fifteen years of activity, allowing the setting up of integrated work plans in each specific sector so as to better assist customers while improving operational speed, technical assistance and legal protection.