Commercial Intelligence


SKP Global Intelligence offers strategic services for business development through the logical and creative processing of facts, events and situations as well as all the opportunities offered by globalization and the new economy.
For this purpose, an analysis of investment scenarios is carried out – in economic, security and political, social and cultural stability terms – with the aim of allowing:

  • the planning of targeted investments;
  • the adoption of specific corporate strategies;
  • the conducting and executing of complex negotiations (emergency, legal and financial,
    commercial, etc.);
  • the conception of effective unconventional communication strategies, also aimed at foreign markets.

From legal consultancy to protection, from the management of complex internationalization processes to the protection in tenders in Italy and abroad, SKP Global Intelligence offers real commercial intelligence consultancy to improve the effectiveness of plants, projects and ideas.

"Nothing happens by chance”

A good execution of a plan requires careful design and knowledge through

Our services of Consulting

  • Commercial Sector

    Market research
    Social research
    Design of complex Business Plans

  • investigazioni consulenza giuridica

    Legal Sector

    Legal and commercial assistance
    Feasibility assessments
    Strategic consultancy, etc.